I really should work on blogging more often. Since the last update, all the travel posts have been migrated successfully, although I had neglected to post an update about it.

Anyway, I’ve a whole backlog of other trips that I need to write about:

  • Japan (December 2016)
  • Langkawi, Malaysia (September 2016)
  • Philippines (June 2016)
  • Korea (December 2015) - It’s on VOLO here, but I think it’d be better to have it on this site.
  • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (March 2014)
  • Hong Kong (September 2013)

There’s also a number of things I’ve been thinking about writing/sharing, such as how I “play” the air miles game. Then again, there’re already excellent resources out there, such as The MileLion, and me being a fan of DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), I’m not really sure how much value I can add. We’ll see.

On a more personal note, Sheryl and I are now engaged <3, and we’ve also bought a place together. 2017 will be a year with less travel as we both dedicate our time, resources and finances to building our dream home! Exciting times ahead :)!

Happy New Year in advance ;)!

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