So glad that I finally finished writing about Bandung. There’re still a couple of trips on my backlog:

  • Hong Kong 2013 - Memorable trip, probably the most memorable. First trip I ever did with Sheryl, and also the trip where we got together :)
  • Ho Chi Minh 2014 - Trip with my mum and Sheryl.
  • Gold Coast 2015 - Trip with Sheryl.

There’re also a number of work travels (where I took a day or two additional/off) but I’m not sure if I’ll write about them.

One of the biggest reasons why I write is because I’ve found a lot of blogs that have helped me tremendously when I am planning my own trips, and I hope to pass that favour on. In addition, it’s also a good way to remember what actually took place. As I was writing about Bandung these couple of days, it was actually quite difficult to remember exactly what happened. More importantly, I could not remember the significance of some of the photos initially. Some photos actually have a nice backstory to it, and blogging is perhaps one of the best ways to record them down.

On another note, I think it’s great that many people are grateful for the New Year, but it’d be even better if people could be grateful for just a new day. 2015 will never come again, neither will Jan 3, 2016, or any other day that has passed. We often focus so much on the “big” things, not realizing the life is really about the little moments.

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