I recently got a new MacBook Pro Retina 13” with Mavericks and took the opportunity to set it up properly from scratch. Thought I’d shared what I think are essential in every OS X user’s arsenal.

1. Homebrew

I use Homebrew to install just about every package. Need the latest version of python? Just type: brew install python

2. Homebrew Cask

Sick and tired of dragging and dropping to install apps on OS X and prefer to use a simple command line? Cask is the answer! Want to install Google Chrome? Just type: brew cask install google-chrome.

More information on using Homebrew and Homebrew Cask here.

3. Go2Shell

“Go2Shell opens a terminal window to the current directory in Finder. The best way to use Go2Shell is to add it to the Finder toolbar, to do this simply drag and drop the app onto the tool bar.” Enough said.

4. TotalTerminal

A plugin for Terminal. “It provides persistent Visor Window which slides down when you press a hot-key (remember Quake console?).” Tapping Ctrl twice brings down a cool visor and I can immediately start typing away!

5. TotalFinder

A plugin for Finder with lots of useful features. I used it back in the early days before OS X had built-in tabs for Finder. I still find myself using TotalFinder’s tabs. Most importantly, it has Cut and Paste support using a keyboard shortcut :)!

6. Asepsis

Get rid of .DS_Store files. Enough said :).

7. Alfred

My favourite replacement for Spotlight. Lots of features (without even paying for the Powerpack)!

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